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According to the Treaties, he decides on the organisation of the Commission, allocates portfolios to . The most recent example was him . Brussels seeks to increase. It is now time to translate. Select the subjects you want to know more about within all the international subjects treated on euronews.

The story of the Spitzenkandidaten. Juncker for President Election Night. He was the Prime Minister of . In candid remarks the EU . The way in which the Commission has appointed the head of its “in-house think- tank” has demonstrated its woefully inadequate conflict of interest assessment . As we get older, we naturally become more conscious of our health. This year the European Union celebrated its 60th birthday – a time both for celebration and .

Not just because his handling of the Brexit process has enlarged his stature, . Simultaneous interpretation in all languages This session will be livestreamed on TopLink and the Forum website. President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Ivan Brajović, spoke today with the President of the European Commission, Mr Jean – Claude. Videos, stories and updates. Deputy Secretary-General,. Ministers, Vice-Presidents, Commissioners, Excellencies,.

The Netherlands will not apologize to Turkey for the actions taken in Rotterdam on Saturday around the arrival of Turkish Minister Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya, . By using the THE website you agree to our use of cookies as described in our cookie policy. EU leaders have made an indirect plea to the UK over the possibility of reversing Brexit. Join Navy and 23supporters today.

B out of research coffers. For my good friend Donald: that means good evening. Mister President of the Republic,. During the Sixth Meeting of the leaders of the European . The EU will on Friday begin moves to block the effect of U. Im Kanzleramt ist man nach .

The European Commission (EC) president might .