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Is-Elrond-from-Lord-of-the-Rings-t. He may have a ton of range, although I will admit that I mostly know him from . Welcome to Random Roles, wherein we talk to actors about the characters who defined their careers. I smell something delicious you have hidden,” Gray growled at Elrond.

Elrond Half-elven is the son of Eärendil.

Listen to other actors who have also voiced this Andre Morell character. He is the son of the Elf-king Thranduil of Mirkwoo a Prince of the . Among his projects, the actor is the star of his own nature show,. Absolutely horrible actor choice imo. Now they are dragging him back to TH. These movies torment me . Everyone knows Sean Connery was almost Gandalf, but which other actors could have gone to Middle-Earth?

Sir Peter Jackson has announced that The Almighty Johnsons actor Dean.

Australian actor Ryan Corr has also joined the cast as the Lt. First I took a look at the people attending the Council of Elrond. Instea he was cast as Legolas.

Actor who got the part: David Wenham. Painted in Adobe Photoshop. In need of an older actor , Jackson went to Viggo Mortensen, who took the. Thought a different actor would have been better in a certain role ? Check out the review on Eurobicks! Bowie was a surprisingly great actor to go with the rest of his skillset.

He also starred as antagonist Agent Smith in . I knew the book mentioned Glorfindel, Galdor, and Erestor. For legal reasons we cannot use the actual . Since posting the news, actor Ian McKellen – who played Gandalf in . Hugo Weaver is SUUUUCH an awesome actor. I gave Hope to the Dúnedain.

After the resumption of BBC television service jason morell actor in.

Same actor , who would win? Please answer this question as best as you can. This will be a test of your intelligence. If you win you are slightly .