Spegelfilm glas

Through a Glass Darkly) هو فيلم دراما تم إنتاجه في السويد وصدر في. Såsom i en spegel (original title). This Oscar- winning intense drama is the first in a trilogy of films by respected . Faces are central to all of his films , but they are absolutely essential to.

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Reviews in chronological order (Total reviews). There are no reviews yet for this film. Sign in or create your Guardian . Sasom I En Spegel (Through The Glass Darkly).

Direction: Ingmar Bergman. With: Harriet Andersson and Max von . It is the first of what came. Kroz tamno ogledalo – Kako bi ubrzala svoj oporavak duševno bolesna djevojka odlazi na odmor sa svojom obitelji – Pogledajte video i opis za film Kroz tamno .

Som i et speil (Norge). You can freeze almost any frame of this film and be looking at a . The first Ingmar Bergman film to be made on the island of Fårö. Happily the programme opened with . This is one of those avant-garde films that will not be . As I continue my quest through the acclaimed works of Ingmar Bergman, I was recommended this based on the knowledge that Bergman . Almost unfathomably, Ingmar Bergman managed to extract a different atmosphere out of his beloved Fårö Island for each film he shot there.

The Swedish title, Ssom i en spegel — literally, As rn a Mirror — connotes this . Genre: Drama Running Time: min. : “The film tells the story of a young woman with schizophrenia spending time with her family on a remote . We serve light refreshments before the start . Watch Movies and Indie Films Online. Oscar winner for best foreign language film. Cleveland revival premiere. Through the Glass Darkly was the first of seven films that Bergman shot on .